Candidates for Town Council - November 6, 2018 Election

During the open nomination period, each interested candidate meets with the Town Clerk. Each candidate is provided a 2018 Candidate’s Filing Guide containing useful information and regulations regarding the election process and campaign. Candidates will also receive important documents to be completed and filed by the end of the nomination period. These documents include, but are not limited to the Nomination Petition, Ballot Designation Worksheet, Candidate's Statement of Qualifications Form, Code of Fair Campaign Practices and FPPC Forms (mandated by the Fair Political Practices Commission).

*The Candidate listing below will be updated as nomination paperwork is accepted and only through the nomination period of July 16 to August 10, 2018.

Candidate Name Filed Intention Statement (Form 501) Date Nomination Papers Issued
Date Nomination Papers Filed Date Qualified 
Diaz, Luis   July 17, 2018    
Foppoli, Dominic   July 16, 2018    
Harper, Dylan   July 17, 2018    
Lemus, Esther O.  Filed 06-12-2018 July 16, 2018
Millan, Mark   Filed 06-21-2017

Nix, Tari   July 17, 2018    
Reynoza, Rosa  Filed 01-30-2018

Salmon, Sam   July 16, 2018