Economic Development Strategic Plan


Download a copy of the Economic Development Strategic Plan

On March 5, 2008, the Windsor Town Council approved an agreement with Marketek to prepare an Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP). The process for preparation of the EDSP consisted of the following major elements:
  • Organization of EDSP Resource Group
  • Assessment of Current Economic Development Situation
  • Preparation of an Economic Development Strategy
  • Preparation of an Implementation Plan
The purpose of the EDSP is to identify specific strategies and create a workplan to stimulate economic and business development by providing a roadmap for the formulation and implementation of a program that creates higher-skill, higher-wage jobs; raises income levels; diversifies the economy; and improves the quality of life, while protecting the environment.

Strategic Plan

Marketek completed preparation of the EDSP in November, 2008. The EDSP contains the following six (6) components:
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Plan Overview – Provides an overview of the strategic planning process
  3. Economic Landscape – Contains data and analysis of the local economic demographics
  4. Vision Statement – Defines the vision for Windsor in the year 2020
  5. Strategic Initiatives and Action Plan – Contains strategic initiatives and actions that could be implemented to achieve the Town of Windsor’s Economic Development goals
  6. Appendices
The EDSP focuses on Windsor’s existing competitive advantages and assets while supporting innovative approaches to broadening the economic base. The guiding principles for the plan are as follows:
  • Build on your existing assets by putting existing business first, as 75-80% of job growth nationwide is based upon retaining and expanding existing businesses.
  • Focus on sustainable development, including jobs and employers that will be self sufficient in their use of resources, work to improve greenhouse gas emissions and air and water quality and businesses that will not ‘pick up and move’ when the global economy shifts.
  • Encourage collaborative leadership and partnership, leveraging resources at the county and regional levels and cultivating diverse participation locally, including all cultures and youth.
  • Continue investing in quality community infrastructure for Windsor’s successful future.
  • Create a specific multi-year action plan with realistic expectations.
  • Be aware that economic development and growth take time. Patience and persistence are critical virtues.
The EDSP contains the following seven strategic initiatives:
  • Organizing for Success
  • Green Services
  • Tourism Expansion
  • Agriculture-Wine & Food
  • Retail Expansion
  • Downtown Development
  • Competitive Edge - Business Climate
Included under each strategic Initiative are action items, a series of specific steps to accomplish the action item, planned outcomes (goals), the lead organization, proposed partners and/or collaborators, budget and timeline for implementation based on the Town’s two-year budget cycle.

The Town Council reviewed and adopted the EDSP at their regularly scheduled meeting December 3, 2008.