Economic Development

**Request for Qualifications - Development Opportunity**

The Town of Windsor is seeking a developer with exceptional qualifications to help us realize our Civic Center vision. Please visit our Civic Center Project page for more information. 

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Developing a healthy and diverse base of local businesses is critical to the success of the Windsor Community. At its heart, economic development is about building a healthy economy in order to have a healthy community.

The intent of our Economic Development Program is to strengthen local businesses, expand the Windsor economy, and improve the overall quality of life for residents and community members.

The overarching Economic Development goal, as determined by the Windsor General Plan and Vision 2015, is to provide an open and inviting business climate for new and existing businesses, a balanced economic environment, and diverse tax base.

The Town is undertaking significant efforts to foster and support Economic Development in the community. Windsor’s most recent efforts include the following:

Principal Objectives

The General Plan goal for Economic Development is supported by six principal objectives:
  • Promote the retention and expansion of existing businesses and the attraction of new businesses that will increase the tax base
  • Promote the expansion and enhancement of economic informational resources
  • Promote diverse employment opportunities that support local residents and enable residents to live and work in Windsor
  • Reserve adequate land to accommodate commercial and future light industrial development to meet the needs for goods and services for the Town and to create jobs
  • Reinforce the Old Town area along Windsor River Road as the civic and cultural heart of Windsor
  • Concentrate higher intensity/density activities in the Old Town area